Pepe Aromas aims to become a leading domestic organic producer of high-quality Opuntia ficus-indica while seeking to work within the agroforestry system of the region in which we operate.

The company has expanded in response to high domestic demand and, now looking to grow exports, it is actively seeking partners both at home and abroad with a view to optimising profitability while also boosting research and enhancing organic features.

Our organic prickly pear orchard has an area of 20 hectares.

Growth will be sustainable - the diversification of species is essential for agricultural sustainability.

We have made 2017 the year of diversification!

Having grown our prickly pear orchard, we aim to create a 5-hectare citrus orchard and also harness the potential of our cork- and holm-oak montado for the production of acorns.

We seek to make an impact in the market with our authentic sustainably-grown organic produce, meeting ever-increasing customer expectations and growing demand.