Benefits and uses of the lime

Limes have a high content of vitamin C, calcium and mineral salts, and are richer than lemons in phosphorus and potassium.



Aromatic / tea / juices / alcoholic drinks: cocktails/caipirinha/mojito/Cuba Livre / ice-cream / jams and jellies.


Deodorant / mouth-wash / soap / perfume / body lotion / hydrating cream.


Antiacid / antibacterial / renal infection treatment / boost to immune system / hemorrhoid treatment / gum strengthener / calmative / detoxifier / diuretic / scar-healing.

Pepe Aromas aims to create a 1-ha organic lime grove in 2018 with a view to initially meeting local demand and later expanding production to serve markets further afield both at home and abroad.

We sell 24-unit packs of limes. Vailability of fruit: coming soon.

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