Looking for an unforgettable experience?
We have renovated a former railway station and conjured up the magic of bygone times with a fascinating excursion through a typical Alentejo montado landscape of cork-oak and holm-oak groves.
We stop frequently for unique experiences: a stroll through the cork and holm-oak groves, learning the difference between the two types of oak-tree, eating an acorn and watching the cork harvest!
Join us at the crack of dawn on a fascinating excursion through the Alentejo cork-oak and holm-oak groves. Watch the process of cork extraction from the trees: equipped with just an axe, bark-strippers work with surgical precision. The bark grows back after each harvest, producing an absorbing spectacle from a time-old ritual!


Do you know how important cork stoppers are for the conservation of wines?
Complement your visit with a tasting of two carefully selected Alentejo wines, where we explain the different types of cork and their effects on the quality of the wines you drink!
Make this experience in a rustic, cosy and intimate environment and enjoy the full potential of our region.