The summer months are the ones when our orchards explode with fruit and colour! The countryside is painted with the colours of the prickly pears. The hustle and bustle of harvesting and packing set the pace for days and nights in the countryside!

After a train ride to the two prickly pear orchards where you will learn the secrets and potential of our cactuses, we take you on an unforgettable visit to the heart of our warehouse. This is where the fruit arrives from the fields at 7 a.m. to be cleaned, deprived of its thorns and carefully packed by our staff.

Come and see our orchards, our factory and the team that every day cleans and packs the fruit that arrives fresh on your table! We also explain the secret to peeling the prickly pear without hurting ourselves on the thorns and how to make a natural juice that is very nutritious and refreshing.